Our Services

Advice to industry

Brian Cumming Agriculture Consultants provides independent advice to commercial and stud producers, the education sector, stock and station agencies, consultants and government. This includes developing, implementing and monitoring plans to lift profit through better performance:

  • Setting up new highly fertile cattle herds to maximise profitability
  • Designing and monitoring straight and crossbred herds and their breeding and management plans for particular environments
  • Genetic improvement through bull selection and BreedPlan
  • Selecting sale cattle to meet industry market specifications
  • Property accreditation for domestic and export markets
  • Pasture improvement and on-going management

Drought management

Advice on developing drought plans to include:

  • Cost – effective livestock feeding (supplementary, drought feeding and full ration design)
  • Drought selling decisions and which livestock to keep
  • Post drought management and restocking

Training and assessment

Delivering training based on National Units of Competency:

  • Livestock handling, Workplace Health and Safety and animal welfare
  • Livestock assessment to meet market requirements
  • Genetic improvement combining visual, genetics and genomics performance data
  • Livestock nutrition and fodder conservation

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