Is it time to early wean spring calves?

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Young Tram looked up at his dad as he pulled his ‘big’ boots on. ‘Big’ boots meant he was going out to help his father on the farm.

‘I love farming’, he said as he pulled hard.

‘So do I’.

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‘I like it best when I help you’


‘What are we going to do?’

‘We need to check out the condition of the cows. And make a decision whether we should wean the calves just yet’.

Tram grinned.  His dad got up, ready to go.


‘I can’t get this one on’.

His father bent over and pulled the ‘big’ boot up. He did up the laces.

‘Right – let’s go!’

Dad opened the ute door and Tram climbed up. He leaned over and put on his belt. Dad hoped in the other side and started it up.

‘Drive fast!’ Tram laughed. His father shook his head and smiled.

In the paddock the cows looked up as they heard the vehicle. They called their calves and the mob started forming and moving towards the gate.

Dad drove into the paddock and pulled up in the shade of the tree.

Tram sat up so he could see out OK.

‘I like that one’. Tram pointed to the smaller cow with the black mark on its head.

‘Me too’.

Tram’s father looked across through the mob of cows and their calves. He looked at their body condition. He tried to make an assessment.

‘Are they good?’

‘Yeh, pretty good’.

He looked across the paddock, assessing with his eye how much feed was there. He turned and looked at the next paddock, and the one after.

‘No, they’re right’

‘Do we take the calves away?’ Tram wanted to know.

‘We will, but not just yet. Another month or two, I think’

Tram smiled.

They headed back home, past the swimming hole.

“Want a swim?’





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