‘It will rain, you know’.

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He lay in bed and watched the dawn break. Stayed there as the sky went through its early morning colour palate that autumn brings.

He heard Tram stirring in the living room. Television changing channels to view the best cartoons.

Some sounds from the kitchen. ‘Dad’s pretty tired.’

A face peaked through the half closed bedroom door. An expression of not understanding.

Jindera drought cattle web

‘Aren’t we feeding the cows today, Dad?’

‘Yes. We’ll do it when I get up.’

‘When are you going to get up?’

‘In a minute.’

‘OK.’ Tram went back to the television.

A bit after nine, he got out of bed.

The day was heating up again, and the dust was just starting to move. Hot for April.

Tram came back. He had his boots on.



They went outside and got in the ute.

‘Let’s have a bit of a drive first,’ he said. ‘Then we’ll get the hay.’

They drove through the paddocks. Not much grass. The cows bellowed as they saw and heard the vehicle.

‘Why are we going so slow?’

‘I think I’m just tired.’

They went past the main dam.

‘There’s not much water, Dad.’

‘No there’s not.’

‘Are we getting the hay?’

‘Yeh, I guess so.’

They fed the cows then went back to the house.

He sat in his chair and looked out the window.

Tram sat next to him.

‘Will we feed them again tomorrow, Dad?’

There was no answer.

‘Dad, will we feed them again tomorrow?’

‘I suppose so.’

Tram went up to his room.

His dad sat and looked out the window.

The wind was picking up, and the dust started to blow again.


‘It will rain, you know’, came a soft voice from the other room.

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