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“Thanks very much for your time last Thursday. It was fantastic! Cathy, Jim and I really appreciated the chance to ask all our questions and get definitive answers and good discussion. This has provided us with the basis for making good decisions about the cattle operation, confident that we are going to make improvements.”

Gordon Shaw, livestock producer, Holbrook


“I am truly grateful to Brian for being my mentor during my early career. He has the ability to provide clear advice on complex issues. I would recommend Brian to other people who are looking for someone to educate or facilitate groups or who need advice on their farming business. Brian is very thorough in his work and delivers on what he promises.”

Michael Campbell, Charles Sturt University, Albury


“I have been a member of the Tumbarumba Beef group since its inception many years ago. Brian, then as DPI representative and now operating as Brian Cumming Agriculture Consultants was instrumental in organising these meetings.

I found each meeting highly beneficial as the group discussions enable participants to air their thoughts freely. Enlivened discussion ensures plenty of interaction which often leads to an outcome. I have changed many aspects of management due to the ideas coming from group discussion led by Brian. I commend Brian as a great facilitator of these group meetings.”

Rob Cox, beef cattle producer, Tooma


“Brian was pivotal in enabling our beef enterprise to survive the 2006 drought.

He helped us to prepare a water and a feed budget and gave advice on which class of cattle to sell. Advice we undertook.  However most importantly, Brian made us aware that whatever the decision we made and acted on we must never revisit.  Extremely wise council.

Brian is regarded as a true professional in the Tumbarumba area. His broad knowledge, ability to access research and common sense approach to our cattle enterprises has resulted in better, more efficient beef cattle operations, for which we are very grateful.”

Janet and Roger Anderson, beef cattle producers, Tumbarumba


“Through Brian’s pragmatism and knowledge we have significantly upgraded our cattle herd over the past 8 years.  His advice in selecting replacement bulls has been increasingly rewarding with each calving.

We have reduced our joining period, calving problems and improved conception percentages.”

Kevin and Helen Court, livestock producers, Tumbarumba


“I was fortunate to attend a Certificate 2 level Training and Assessment workshop on Responsible Livestock handling conducted by Brian Cumming. I was impressed with the professional way Brian imparted his knowledge and skills to both experienced and novice cattle handlers. Brian spent time to ensure all course participants fully understood and could demonstrate the required outcomes.

The workshop included well planned and conducted sessions on both practical and theoretical aspects of cattle behaviour, stock safety and animal welfare issues. I am confident to take what I have learned from Brian to benefit my students.”

Keith Brown, Primary Industries and Agriculture Teacher, Grafton High School


“Just a brief note to thank you for the two great days I spent with you last week at Greenethorpe at the Cattle Handling Course. It was very educational and rewarding and I feel I gained a lot from my participation. I also learned that the three big outcomes from the days spent were practice, practice and practice.

On the weekend, I had a three month old calf which crossed the vehicle ramp and entered the home paddock. Unassisted, I was able to navigate the calf through three separate gates and return it to the paddock with its mother without any excitement or hassles. The challenge now is to get my wife to study the video, so that when we go mustering cattle together, we will both be on the ‘same page’. Thanks once again.”

Bruce Hudson, beef cattle producer, Greenethorpe

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